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A typical week in Activities at Franklin Court is always wonderful!
Every Monday afternoon, we have bingo.  Always fun and always delicious!  Mid-way through our 10 game series, we stop and have coffee and...!  Such a welcome treat.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are Computer Classes in our Neighborhood Network Computer Lab for Seniors.  We have lots of fun learning about MSWord, PrintMaster and the internet as well as e-mailing!
Wednesday afternoons the Tenant Association provides a generous Coffee Hour for everybody.  Its a great place to sit and catch up with everyone!
Thursday afternoons we have Movie Matinee.  A great selection of movies from the best of the oldies right up to new releases! 
Friday mornings are saved for our Wii Bowling League!  We have so much fun and are always looking for new bowlers!

Above is a list of activities of a typical week at Franklin Court...but there is never a typical week on our Activities Calendar!  Monthly we also have Breakfast and Lunch Bunch.  At these events, the Activities staff serves our tenants a delicious breakfast or lunch!  The menu varies from month to month!  If we have a month with a special holiday, we will encompass that day into our theme!  For instance, on St. Patrick's Day we will serve Corned Beef and Cabbage!  This is a great way to spend time with your peers as well as meet new friends!
We have field trips locally and afar!  In the summer we frequent Colt State Park for picnics, walks, card games and just chit-chat!  These are the days that I long for!  We also visit local shopping malls, as well as Wrentham Village, Patriot's Place, Newport and other great places to shop!  And don't forget all those great places to eat!  Last spring we took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard!  What a wonderful trip that was!  I'll be looking into maybe Block Island or Nantucket for this summer!  Wickford sounds inviting too!
We are also well known for our Bake and Malassada Sales to help raise money for Activities.  These are lots of fun and always totally delicious!
We have had Tailgate Parties that would make the Food Channel proud!  And Movie Night when we meet in the evening, enjoy a light supper and hunker down with our popcorn to watch a new release!
And we can't forget any crafting that we do...we have made beautiful door decorations as well as bud vases and centerpieces.  And don't forget our very special caramel and chocolate dipped apple project.  This was awesome!  Everyone made two apples...one to keep and one to sell at our bake sale...this was quite the hit!
There is so much to do here at Franklin Court!!!  I hope  you will get the chance to join us!

We provide, twice weekly, trips to the local markets and stores.